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Why Pirate?

It’s the most secure financial transactionsIt’s the most privacy focused blockchainIt’s the most anonymous cryptocurrency

Launched in 2018 with the primary goal of being the most private and secure digital currency, Pirate Chain strives to protect the financial privacy of every user in the world. Pirate Chain achieves this by employing the strongest and most acclaimed privacy protocol in the industry, and couples this with an unassailable strategy implementation. Learn more at

“In these days of financial uncertainty, privacy is king. That’s why Pirate Chain makes so much sense. There are lots of options when it comes to crypto currencies but most are more transparent than they seem. After five years of development this one stands above the rest. Anyone seriously considering investing in crypto should look hard at their choices. I feel as though Pirate Chain is the only obvious choice.” — Michael Bacon, Brewburgers owner

How to Buy Pirate Chain (ARRR)

Download a mobile wallet from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. Once it is installed and fully synced, tell a BrewBurgers associate you would like to buy some ARRR. There is a 5% fee for cash, 10% for credit card. We are also planning to have a Pirate ATM installed onsite soon. and are the highest volume exchanges to get ARRR. Below are 2 short videos that explain how to buy using, if you are new to crypto be sure to watch them both. Pirate Chain is a relatively new project. You may notice some slight differences in the appearance of the wallet you download versus the one(s) on the videos, rest assured all instructions shown still apply.

How To Buy Pirate Chain

Official Pirate Chain Full Node Guide – Wallet Tutorial

You will need Bitcoin (BTC) in order to purchase Pirate Chain (ARRR). Follow this link to learn how to get BTC:

Want step by step guided help? Avoid all the costly beginner mistakes and learn what’s really important when it comes to crypto and sound money.  Learn how privacy coins can preserve your financial freedom and take more control of your personal destiny.

Crypto Basics $270:  step by step in person course how to buy, store and use the world’s most private crypto currency.  Includes meal & 2 drinks and plenty of bonus privacy material. Course length approx. 3hr
Offered the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm at BrewBurgers Back Porch, 545 Tamiami Trail S., Venice FL 34285.
Upcoming Dates: November 15, Dec. 13, Jan 10

Crypto Advanced $630:  step by step in person 2 day course how to buy, store and use 4 of the top private crypto currencies.  Includes meal & 2 drinks each day, plenty of bonus privacy material and how earn extra crypto mining & staking. Course length approx. 6hr
Offered the second Tuesday & Wednesday of each month (You will attend the Basic course as listed above, and then continue the following day, also at 6pm at Brewburgers Back Porch location.)
Upcoming Dates: November 15-16, Dec. 13-14, Jan 10-11

Private Session(s) $900:  one on one instructions how to acquire, store and use 6, or more, of the top privacy coins. Learn everything in the advanced course at your own pace on your schedule. This path also includes steps you can take to protect your overall privacy online.

Participants of any course are welcome to attend multiple weeks/sessions if needed to get a better understanding of these privacy crypto projects.  Meals and drinks are only included for first time attendees. Every participant will have the option to join a private crypto network on Signal. All these details and more will be explained during the course(s).

For more information or to sign up please contact us via this form: